Digital Creativity Week 2022

During Digital Creativity Week 2022 the students focused on Stonegate, a historic street in the centre of York, and visited York Minster Library and the Borthwick Institute for Archives to explore historial material like wills from inhabitants on the street.

They learnt about working with images and audio, generating content using AI tools, building AR and VR experiences with 3D models, using coding tools to create games, stories, and Lego robots, and creating and editing videos. They also tried out creative exercises and games to think differently and explore Stonegate from different angles.

At the end of the week, they built creations to be exhibited at an exhibition day at York Medical Society on Stonegate as part of York Festival of Ideas.

A banner saying Digital Creativity Week 2022 over the street Stonegate in York

You can explore some of their creations online to get a sense of one of York's most famous streets and some of the experiences people have had on it.

A sign on a shop saying Stonegate
A plaque on the wall about Stonegate explaining that the name comes from the stone paving