Digital Creativity Week 2023

Digital Creativity Week 2023 ran from 12th - 16th June 2023 and was a chance for students to focus on collections relating to art, the University campus, and visual material from the Borthwick Institute for Archives, the University Art Collection, and York Minster Library, and use these to create new digital artefacts for this exhibition.

They worked with a range of digital tools including image and audio editing, virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR), 3D modelling and printing, and game creation. These were supported by the two labs in the University of York Library, the Creativity Lab and YorCreate. They also had a go at creative exercises like idea generation, using randomness, and creating things out of paper!

The students explored ideas of how to immerse people within items from the collections, the lost histories and potential histories of the University of York campus, and the juxtaposition of collections and campus spaces. As well as pieces you can view on the creations page, they have also created a trail across the University of York campus to give people a chance to explore the place in a new light.

Old books and playbills in a reading room

The students explore the material at York Minster Library

Someone holding a 3D scanner

Trying out 3D scanning in the Creativity Lab

A sign promoting the Digital Creativity Week exhibition and another sign saying 'What is Digital Creativity?'

The introduction signs at the Digital Creativity Week exhibition

You can explore some of the students' creations online to see what they made:

Students planning digital creativity projects
Someone demonstrating using a 3D printer
Someone  editing images on a large monitor