Digital Creativity Week 2022 final creations

Reflection, Distortion

by Lucy Thurman

This space has always existed - from before records began stretching forward for eternity. Layers upon layers of history overlap and blur together.

Distorted reflections in a window


by Chantal Berry

This electro-acoustic sound art piece reflects upon the devotional rhythm of Stonegate in the mid-1500s, shortly after the Reformation. The bells can be heard across the city to mark mattins (morning prayer), mid-day prayer, and evensong (evening prayer) according to the Book of Common Prayer liturgy which was new in the English Church from about 1549. These bells created 'sound markers' in the acoustic world of Stonegate, and sounded out the rhythms of everyday life. This composition aims to evoke the sense of stark contrast between life on Stonegate in the 16th century, and the transcendence offered by the new liturgy of the Church of England.

Use the player below to hear the piece.

Chantal Berry_Transcendence.mp3
A distorted image of an old pub

a vidio journey through stonegate

by Hesandi Jayasekara

This is a choose-your-own journey through my audio-visual impressions of York.

Place, sound, and identity

by Jee Young Kim

Neighbours are who live, lived, and will live near your place. They share not only places but also sounds in a daily basis. What types of sounds have our neighbours heard and what types of sounds will they hear in the future?

Click below to explore Place, sound and identity in FrameVR - you can use the arrow keys or WASD keys to move around, click and explore.

The Apprentice

by Shauna Stevenson

Using Twine, The Apprentice is a day in the life, create your own adventure game! It is inspired by the work of John White, a printer who worked in Stonegate. In the game your character follows White and makes decisions, impacting your score

A small red devil statue on the side of a shop on Stonegate